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H e w l e - P a c k a r d
[ T y p e t h e c o m p a n y
a d d r e s s ]
[ T y p e t h e p h o n e n u m b e r ]
[ T y p e t h e f a x n u m b e r ]
[ P i c k t h e d a t e ]
This assignment includes a case study giving explanaons
regarding certain quesons.

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“A few goods like diamonds etc. are purchased by the rich and wealthy sections of the
society. The prices of these goods are so high that they are beyond the reach of the
common man.” (
law-of-demand.html) The economists have termed the act of showing off as
Conspicuous consumption. Some people buy expensive goods and commodities just in
order to show that they belong to a particular high class. With the help of this they
prove that they do not belong to a class which is considered to be inferior in the society.
In this expensive goods, buying of number plates are also included which is considered
to be the most valuable amongst all the expensive goods in UAE. It is because of this
attitude of the people of UAE that they tend to purchase or book such a number plate
which is very much unique and special and also they are given special and VIP
treatment in any of the events that takes place in the state. Hence, it can be said that
having a unique number plate in the country is one of the basic characteristics of the
people of the country or the state. In the following questions, we have explained the
actual scenarios that happen in the country of UAE even today. It has been given to
those people who are of sheer importance in the country and also to those who can
afford to pay for that particular number plate.
Abu Dhabi is considered to be the sixth place, in the world, where the number plates
are sold at a very high rate. People over there consider this as status symbol and the
person owning a car which has single digit along with double digit, number plate is
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regarded as a VIP person. Luxurious treatment is given to them in all the hotels and
other important places. The people in the Persian have auctions regarding the number
plates and the people with the highest bidder own it. The numbers, especially “5” and
“7” are mostly demanded by the people. It was noticed that these two numbers in the
recent times were sold at whopping price of 25 million dirham’s (i.e. $6.75 million). It
is mostly the rich class people who are very much engaged in this particular kind of
It is the rich class people who are interested in it. They think that it serves
as their status symbol. Another main motive of the people was to get the envious look
from the other people. The middle and the poor class people are rather very much
optimistic regarding this particular thing. Generally, the poor class people could not
afford to have that and hence, they never show off their wealth to the other people and
the society. Therefore, it can be said that all the classes of the people have their own
respective way of dealing with this respective behavior of the people.
This attitude of the people residing in UAE is being followed by them since ages.
People are always interested showing off their wealth to the society. All the expensive
items like diamonds, gold, cars were being bought by the people in order to show their
wealth. Amongst all this, having a unique number plate in their car is another way of
showing their wealth. This is because a person having a unique and special number
plate signifies that the person is of sheer importance. And that person is given VIP
treatment in all the occasion of the society.
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