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The Partition Of India

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Political Science
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Running head: THE PARTITION OF INDIA The Partition of India Name: Institutional affiliation 1 THE PARTITION OF INDIA 2 The Partition of India The Partition of India refers to the act of dividing British India into the distinct states of Pakistan and India. It happened in the August 1947 as the only remaining mechanism for securing an agreement on how independence was going to take place by the (British Khan, 2017). The main reason for the partition is to avoid the eruption of civil war in the country between the Muslims and Hindus. The failure of the two religions to inculcate unity led to the need for seeking a permanent solution to the situation hence the need for the partition of India. There are different causes for the separation of India. First, there were increased hostilities between the Hindu and Muslims religions. The growth of the riots during the final decade of the British rule formed the basis for the mobilization of people against the other communities. M.A. Jinnah convinced the Muslims that if India gained independence, the dominant group would be the Hindus hence the demand for the separate Muslim State of Pakistan. Secondly, there was violence in 1946, one y ...
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