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1. List and explain general characteristics of life.
2. Relate the concept of emergent properties to increasingly complex levels of biological
3. Name the main organic compounds of each cell.
4. Name the main characteristic of DNA.
5. Name the main characteristic of RNA.
6. Name several differences between structure of DNA and the structure of RNA.
7. Explain what is the differences between a base, a nucleotide, and a nucleic acid.
8. State modern principles of the Cell theory.
9. Name types of microscopes that are available today.
10. Describe the structure of a nucleus of an eukaryotic cell, and give a function for each part
11. Name the structures that form the endomembrane system
12. Describe the structures of the cytoplasm of an eukaryotic cell.
13. Name the energy-related organelles.
14. Describe the fluid-mosaic model of membrane structure.
15. Discuss the structure and the functions of ATP.
16. Describe a duplicated eukaryotic chromosome.
17. Distinguish between the diploid number and haploid number of chromosomes
18. Describe the events that occur during the stages of mitosis.
19. Describe the stages of meiosis I in details.
20. Describe the stages of meiosis II in details.
21. Define the following words: bivalent and crossing-over.
22. Define the words: heredity and variability.
23. State Mendel’s law of dominance.
24. State Mendel’s law of segregation.
25. State Mendel’s law of independent assortment.
26. Define the following words: chromosome, chromatid, centromere.
27. Explain the normal sex chromosome makeup of human males and females.
28. Define the words: autosome and sex chromosome.
29. What does the normal human karyotype look like?
30. How is sex determined in humans?

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