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Computer Science

Windows Server 2012 Deployment Proposal




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Windows Server
Deployment Proposal
Windows Server 2012
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Windows Server Deployment ProposalWindows Server 2012Student NameClass NameInstructor's NameTable of ContentsList of TablesList of Figures AbstractDue to new technology, companies are adopting new operating systems for establishing good network infrastructure in organization premises. Most of the companies use Windows 2008 Server for their needs. With the new requirements of private cloud, companies want to use new operation system which provides remote data center with more administrative features. Windows Server 2012 is one of great choice because it is called Cloud OS to provide next generation features in computing. In this document, a scenario will be discussed about an organization. As an IT consultant, I will provide a good solution to overcome the issues in scenario. The solution will be based on windows server 2012 with the discussion of its new features. The document will also provide information about editions of Windows Server 2012. It will also focus on the configuration of active directory in this operating system. The implementation of DNS and DHCP will also be discussed in this document. It will give an idea about Application Services with file sharing and other options.1 Company ProfileWorldwide Advertising, Inc. (WAI) is a new advertising firm which is establishing two locations in Los Angeles and New York. The requirement of company is to build infrastructure for configuring IT services. In future, they will plan to ...
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Had to paraphrase some of the content but overall, really useful material.

Heard about Studypool for a while and finally tried it. Glad I did caus this was really helpful.

Just what I needed… fantastic!