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Low self esteem is one of the major problems many youth and
teenagers face, possibly anyone at any specific stage in life can feel
these kinds of emotions towards themselves. Some of the causes of
low self esteem are; underweight or overweight body mass, physical
appearances, social classes, intimidation from fellow age group
members among other things.
The best ways to deal with low self esteem include:
This is one of the most important factors when it comes to self
appreciation. A good hair cut, some nice clean comfortable clothing,
taking a shower and smelling nice. It might not seem so important but
it can boost how you feel about yourself in the sense that, if you put
on clothing that you like and probably find it attractive on you, it can
illuminate your confidence and improve your approach towards many
factors about your life. It is really fascinating what alittle grooming
can do for you, relationships can be built from confidence. Sometimes
grooming becomes difficult where medical issues are involved like
sweating profusely, stinky feet or smelly mouth, there are ways in
which these factors cud be controlled. One way would be acceptance
of your situation. You could also seek alternative ways, like maybe
visiting a professional.
Talking to people could ease self esteem issues especially to ones that
are confident and outgoing. Their characters might rub off on you and
you might learn how to see yourself differently. When choosing a
crowd or a person to socialize with, try the one you can easily relate
to without any struggle, in deeper terms, without looking for topics
and words to talk about, the conversation should flow easily. This is
how you become sure you fit in a crowd or with a person, when you
are yourself.

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Self image or appearance is important for your self esteem, we all
look different and we are all attractive and good looking depending on
how we take care of ourselves. Different body shapes require different
approaches in maintenance and handling. Obese, skinny or average
size people are either confident in themselves or not. If one is not
flattered by their current appearances it is best to seek healthy ways of
dealing with their body issues. One of the most advisable ways would
be visiting the gym for obese people or taking enough water for the
best skin therapy, taking healthy fats and balanced diet for skinny
individuals or avoiding skipping of meals. Factors that can lead to
serious image problems include; diseases like HIV/AIDS, seeking
proper medical attention and good diet might lead to a perfect image
and improve your confidence, seeking counselling is the best way to
deal with this situation
Written by
Jackline nyambura

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