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Introduction to biology

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Biology/Zoology • Biology – Greek words –Bios means life and logy means study. • Study of living beings is called biology. • Father of biology/Zoology is Aristotle • The term biology was coined by Lamarck and Treviranus. • Father of botany -Theophrastus • Father of medicine – Hippocrate • Father of microbiology – Louis Pasteur • Father of cytology – Robert Hook • Father of taxonomy – Carolous Linnaeus Branches of Biology Physiology Evolution Entomology Morphology Embryology Malacology Anatomy Biochemistry Icthyology Histology Pathology Herpatology Cytology Paleontology Batracology Ecology Microbiology Saurology Taxonomy Protozoology Ophiology/Serpentology Genetics Cnidology Ornithology Molecular biology Parasitology Mammology Evolution Helminthology Ethology Branches of Biology • • • • • • • • • • Morphology – Study of external structure in the body. Anatomy – Study of gross internal structure in the body. Histology – Study of structure and functions of tissue. Cytology – Study of structure and functions of cells. Genetics – Study of heredity and variation. Ecology – Study of Inter –relationships between living organism and their environment. Embryology – Study of structure and development of embryo. Evolution – Gradual change of organisms simply from simpler to complex forms through series generations and time periods. Taxonomy – Study of classification, identification a ...
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