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Nursing and Healthcare Administration




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Running head: HEALTHCARE LAW 1
Nursing and healthcare administration

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The Health care law entails a pervasive and extensive topic. It integrates management,
stewardship and general administration systems related to the public health sector. In the US,
formulations of the law have been gradual. The factors prioritized up to contemporary times
includes, the standards of care, cost and coverage. Age brackets play a huge role in its
categorization. For our case study and analysis, the paper will focus on the healthcare law, with a
major focus on nursing administration to the people of the US. Nursing is a health care
composite profession (Basavanthappa, 2003). It’s focused on ensuring optimal health by
providing the care services to the aggregates of the communities with an eventual aim facilitating
good life. The field of the nursing practitioners is diverse and is characterized by different scope
of prescription and practices. The following is a review on nursing and health care
First, understanding the legal scope of a nurse has a lot of significance to the patient and
the nurse alike. References are borrowed from the healthcare law, recently set to action by the
federal statutes. They signed and enacted the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of
2010 and also the Patient Protection, and Affordable Care Act in March 2010. An understanding
of the extent of the penalties that one risks facing due to some behavior is a means of ensuring
that the nurse do not act ways that put them in jeopardy. It also safeguards the patients from
being under the care of people that are not genuine. The other issue that the practice of rigorous
nursing is that the practice allows people to perform at their optimum level of training this is
important in ensuring that the practitioners in the respective fields work in accordance to the
practice, which in turn presents the patients with a chance of obtaining the best care (Wilkinson
& Treas, 2012). The regulations also look at modes of ensuring that the nurses do not enter into
practice without proper licensing. The legal framework also seeks to defend the occurrence of a

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scenario where another persons’ mistake is leveled against the other person that is in the same
working environment with the nurse. The most common victim of shifted blame is a physician
(Wilkinson 2011). The regulations also seek to attract the reactions on the patients to treatment
and care on the nurse. This applies to all sorts of reactions whether positive or negative.
All types of nurse receive their certification from the board of nursing. They are also
under the regulations stipulated in chapter 456 and 464 of the statutes of Florida State. The
legislation goes beyond the scope of practice (Wilkinson & Treas 2012). They state the protocol
that a nurse has to follow in the daily life while in the profession. Among the things that stand
out is that the laws prohibit the prescription of much substance that can be termed as illegal in
the society (Wilkinson, Nursing process: a critical thinking approach, 1996) (Wilkinson 2011). In
the event that the nurse goes against the statutes, he/she is liable to a legal procedure.
The nurses have to stick to their scope at work as stipulated in the statutes, specifically in
the rules of a registered nurse practitioner, and an Adult Nurse Practitioners(ANP) are
monitoring and altering the drug therapies that are to be followed (Guido, 2009). The nurses can
also initiate appropriate therapies for some of the conditions. Registered nurses can also perform
any addition procedures in accordance to the law or as stipulated in any other law of the land.
Finally, the nurses have the role of ordering that there be taken diagnostics test on the patient as
well as physical and occupational therapies (Wilkinson & Treas 2012). These rules do not act in
solution. This is because, at the time of adopting the rules, there were some other rules that the
statutes adopted that were pursuant thereto.
The rules that apply in Florida allow the nurse to initiate drug programs and alter them if
it is necessary. However, some of the drugs are to be administered by a physician since the
practice is that the nurses operate under the watch of a physician. It is because the statutes allow

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