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Running Head: SMALL TALK 1 Small Talk Name Institution Date SMALL TALK 2 Small Talk Small talk is an important element of everyday conversation. All the time we find ourselves in situations in which we have to apply the basic principles. Often times we find ourselves in positions where we have to make apologies, give compliments or in some instances react to compliments. In this paper, I will outline how the above exercises should be executed. Will utilize video tutorials on the same. Rules for Small talk This type of conversation can be carried anywhere in our lives. It could be in a build up to a given meeting, in a lift among many other instances. The general guidelines being in a positive mood all the time, being sensitive enough not to annoy others, noting the similarities as well as the differences between the speaker and the partner (Hauck, and Thomas, 2003). In this way, they will avoid unnecessary controversies. At the same time, being elaborative should help the partner easily understand the meaning of the world and gestures used. In the video “How to Make Small Talk with Strangers,” the narrator explains how an individual can go about in making constructive wit ...
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