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Individual Assessment Report Reflection

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Running Head: INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT REPORT REFLECTION Individual Assessment Report Reflection Name Institution 1 INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT REPORT REFLECTION 2 Introduction As a forensic psychiatrist, I am tasked with providing expert evidence tote court regarding suspects determination of competence to stand trial. In this case, I have been tasked with determining the mental competence of Mr. H to stand trial. Mr. H has been accused of murder after shooting to kill his neighbor. Mr. H. is mentally ill as a result of hallucinations following his father's demise that occurred recently on a road accident. His response to questions asked in the course of the interview depicted that e has a problem with his IQ Level. This is because he confirmed that it was a right decision for him to shoot and kill his neighbor because of playing a loud music. During the interview process, the Mr. H. was unable to respond to the question in an intelligent way. In fact, he was just fumbling and unable to recall even the current incidents. The test conducted confirms that this client requires a referral to identify the type of mental disorder he is suffering from. For the assessment of Mr. H., several tests were applied: Substance abuse subtle screening inventory test was used for the purpose of identifying whether Mr. H. had a substance dependency disorder. The test was considered due to its high accuracy level of 93%. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV) was also applied t ...
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