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CSE 220 – Homework 1 Linux/Unix OS 50 Points Topics: • • • • • Login and use basic Bash shell commands Create, delete and move files with Bash Understand file and directory permissions Write and use simple Bash Scripts I/O Redirection and Pipes Description: The goal of this assignment to ensure knowledge and understanding of Unix/Linux shell commands and Bash scripting. This assignment will be delivered in two parts: 1. Q & A section a. Write your answers in an enumerated text file and submit 2. Script section a. Write a script (or several) to complete specific goals b. Scripts should be submitted as a .tar file c. Scripts should include a README.txt to instruct in their use Guidelines: • • • Just because this is scripting, doesn’t mean you throw out coding standards o Use good identifier names o Comment your scripts Follow standard norms o Upper case constants o Meaningful identifier names o Consistent code standards (if you use camelCase, stick to it, etc.) Efficiency, Readability and Code Quality are graded Part 1 Q&A Create a word or similar editor file to document your answers for the following questions. Some of the questions may require screenshots. At the end of the section convert your file into a PDF file to be submitted. Name this file __Assn1QA.pdf 1) What is the absolute path name of your home directory? 2) Under your home directory create a directory structure for your class: ./CSE220/Homework/hw1/textarchive/ W ...
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