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Abortion in the USA




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Thesis statement: Abortion in the USA should not be legalized since it does more harm than
good to the society by damaging our natural status, weakening our women’s health status, and
eroding our cultural values.
1. Brief History of Abortion in the USA
1. Advantages of Abortion
2. Reasons why Abortion should not be legalized
Abortion should not be legalized in the USA

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Abortion Legalization in the USA
Abortion is the conscious annihilation of pregnancy, which entails the extinction of a
developing embryo after conception. Abortion is legal in the USA ever since the landmark ruling
of the Supreme Court on January 22, 1973. The ruling declared the practice as a fundamental
right. Prior to the ruling, each state made it own decisions regarding the practice. Some states
allowed the practice while others utterly banned it. The landmark ruling has since elicited a lot of
outrage from different quarters in the United States with people having divergent opinions
regarding the practice. Those who practice abortion use the fundamental right ruling to justify
their actions. A comprehensive report showed over one million abortions done in 1996, which
translates to slightly below 3,000 abortions daily. Abortion affects both the individual and
society. An established legal framework governing the practice is necessary since it inuences the
enre society (Andersen & Howard 39).
Advantages of Abortion in the United States
Although, a huge preponderance of people view abortion as a vice, a variety of many
factors makes it necessary. This is when abortion renders a positive impact. Abortion assists
women who may have health complications after carrying the pregnancy. This normally occurs
to pregnant women who have health problems like heart complications, anemia, diabetes,
hypertension among others. These women may, develop hazardous medical problems, if they
carry the pregnancy to term. In such a case, abortion will be appropriate to protect the life of the
woman. However, a medical expert should advise and prescribe abortion for such a situation.
Abortion also gives young school going girls a second chance to make things right. This
ultimately enables the girl to bear children the right time. Some sexually active girls get pregnant

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