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Personal Philosophy on Nursing

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Personal Philosophy on Nursing
Personal Philosophy on Nursing
This paper investigates the individual nursing logic I intend to pass on in my nursing
profession. I think the description of nursing is attached in responsibility to public administration
and the unquestionable longing to help those in need. Nursing is more than treating a disease;
rather it is centered on conveying quality patient care that is customized to the needs of every
patient. My idea of nursing includes the information of pharmaceutical while joining it with
social, empathetic caring that regards the nobility of every patient. I think nursing forethought
ought to be all inclusive whilst regarding patient principles. A significant part of nursing is inter-
expert relations, and cooperative endeavors among medicinal services experts to advertise
quality patient consideration. My idea of nursing stretches out to my society in which wellbeing
campaign is something I will consistently strive for.
Personal Philosophy of Nursing

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For as far back as I can recollect I have been stunned with an aching craving to
administer to those in need, and I feel this eventually headed me to the vocation decision of
nursing. I feel most satisfied when I am serving and being concerned over others. My individual
nursing mentality is one that is focused on sympathy and administration. As per Merriam-
Webster's online dictionary (2012), logic is "an investigation of the grounds of and ideas
communicating key convictions." Before venturing into the calling of nursing, it is essential to
investigate my individual values and standards that will manage my nursing practice. My idea of
nursing includes the information of pharmaceutical medicine while joining it with social,
empathetic minding that regards the self-esteem of every patient. My reasoning is one that
concentrates on empowering every patient in the conveyance of all-encompassing nursing
consideration. This paper will investigate the ideals I feel are fundamental in connecting with
patients and in addition to wellbeing experts, my individual work ethics, and community.
The Nature of Nursing
The make-up of nursing is something that cannot be shortened to one expression. It is
more than treating the individuals who are sick, rather it is a model of consideration and
administration to others, and it is persistently developing. The make-up of nursing rotates around
obligation to public administration and an irrefutable longing to help those in need. It is my
conviction that vital features of nursing incorporate the avoidance of disease, the medication of
the sick, and the advancement of wellbeing, and also tending to customers. Caring recognizes
what is imperative to the patient (Austgard, 2006), and I feel this forms the conveyance of
nursing forethought. I think to say that compassion is not entangled with nursing is to say that
breathing has nothing to do with air. The two go hand in hand, and nursing would not be what it
is without its compassion bit, much the same as breathing would not be conceivable without

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oxygen. The make-up of nursing ought to spin around appreciation for every patient and
veneration of human nobility.
The feature of nursing is likewise established in science and therapeutic information. It is
the objective to avert disease and treat the individuals who are sick, and this obliges a base level
of medicinal understanding to make nursing compassion conceivable. Because the medicinal
field is something that is consistently developing, medical caretakers must stay abreast with the
current best practices and conveyance of patient forethought. Nursing is a process that needs
ceaseless exploration and knowledge.
Nursing and Patient Care
With respect to nursing and patient compassion, my rationality of nursing concentrates on
all inclusive, patient-focused consideration, and also a forethought and humane patient relation.
A comprehensive perspective of the patient permits the nurse to relate with patients on a social
level. This makes the medical attendants get to comprehend the patients, and this sort of practice
differentiates doctor compassion from nursing forethought. Holism includes examining and
comprehension of the interrelationships of the psychological, spiritual, and social aspects of the
individual, acknowledging that the entire is more amazing than the aggregate of its parts. The
significance all inclusive nursing is not just concerned with a patient’s physical prosperity,
however it is additionally involved with patient's enthusiastic, divine, and mental health (Dossey,
2010, p.14).
Medical Attendants, by nature are involved with a patient's solace (Malinowski &
Stamler, 2002). For solace remains a substantive need all through life and, accordingly, ought to
be viewed as a crucial constituent of all inclusive nursing forethought. Patients who feel good
adapt better to their ailment and have quicker rates of curing than those patients who confess to
being uncomfortable. As a medical caretaker it is my objective to verify my patient is physically
relaxed and additionally rationally and psychologically relaxed. It is my mission to make my

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