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SCI 100 Week 3 DQ 2




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If you were designing a personal fitness program, what would you include? Why?
My personal fitness program would include something that is very important
cardiovascular exercises. This would consist of walking on the treadmill or in a designated area
with others, swimming for beginners and advanced individuals, group aerobic classes taught by a
qualified instructor, and stairclimbing. This would include both low pact and high impact
exercise programs. Cardiovascular exercises that would concentrate on burning calories,
increasing metabolism, and toning muscles. The program would also include strength training to
help losing weight. Strength training would focus on targeting the muscles to increase muscle
groups strength and endurance. The strength training exercises would also include training with
free weights, yoga, circuit machines. Not only would aerobic classes be offered, but water
aerobics would be offered. Water aerobic would be mainly for older individuals would not be
able to complete or participate in the high or low impact classes. This fitness program would
design more programs that are aimed at promoting health as well as managing stress to live
healthier lives.

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