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Nursing Terminology

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Running head: NURSING TERMINOLOGY Nursing Terminology Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date NURSING TERMINOLOGY 2 Standard nursing terminology can be defined as a common language, nomenclature, phrases or classification that is shared among nurses in their communication. Examples of standardized nursing terminologies include the Clinical Care Classification, Nursing International Classification and International Classification of Nursing Practice among others. Our practice makes use of the Omaha System (Topaz, Golfenshtein & Bowles, 2013). The Omaha system consists of three major components; problem classification scheme, intervention scheme and problem rating scale for outcome. These three components make the overall system reliable, relational and ensure the validity of the data used in the system. This is made possible by patient assessment which is undertaken at the problem classification scheme which is then followed by care plans issued at the intervention scheme and lastly evaluation of the patient in the problem rating scale for outcome. The greatest advantage of the system is that it has eased communication between various nurses and other healthcare n ...
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