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STR 581 WEEK 2 DQ 2




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STR 581 WEEK 2 DQ 2
How would you determine if an organization’s strategy has been successful at creating
value and sustaining competitive advantage?
I think a good measure of the success of an organization’s strategy is the results it
achieves. Every organization’s strategy should aim at growth, value creation, and gaining
competitive advantage. If these results are achieved on a consistent basis, then they are more
likely to be a reflection of the strategy being adopted by the organization. One of the key
elements to being successful is to align the employees with the company’s strategy by helping
them to understand the part they play in achieving success, and engaging employees in their jobs
and with the organization. Strategy alignment can be achieved through a “fit-for purpose”
structure, capable leadership, and effective people systems and culture. Integrating efforts across
these areas will lead to more highly engaged employees who are willing and capable of helping
the organization achieve its goals. However, sustainable organizational effectiveness requires that
attention be paid to all of these elements—focusing attention on just one without the others will
not deliver long-term engagement.
Research has consistently shown that employee engagement is strongly linked to a range of
successful structures such as employee performance/efficiency, productivity, safety, employee
attendance and retention, customer service and satisfaction, customer loyalty and satisfaction,
and profitability.

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