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STR 581 WEEK 3 DQ 2




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STR 581 WEEK 3 DQ 2
Through your research, select a company to illustrate one of the generic strategies
discussed in our Strategic Management text. Then, describe one or two grand strategies,
which the company might use to implement the generic strategy.
I decided to use my current company for this DQ because of the variety of generic and
grand strategies it touches. For the generic strategy the company is using a different one for each
division. The main grand strategies are also different for both divisions, but they do share
secondary grand strategies.
The connected assets division is mainly using “differentiation” focusing on the benefits,
the features it includes that the competition doesn’t, and the immediate support and services
offered. The main grand strategy is market development, taking the expertise in telemetric into
new market arenas.
The rail division is mainly using “focus”, satisfying government rules and regulations
around fuel and emissions, modernizing existing locomotives whether the company has one or
hundreds. The main grand strategy is concentrated growth fitting the definition of dominant
products, dominant market and dominant technology.
Both divisions also use “product development” and “joint venture” grand strategies.
Product life cycles are closely monitored and both divisions have engineering departments
working on improvements and brand new products. Plus both divisions work closely with
customers, vendors, and partners (some could also be considered competitors) on larger projects.

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