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STR 581 Week 4 Team Strategic Choice and Evaluation Paper




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Strategic Choice and Evaluation Paper
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Strategic Choice and Evaluation Paper
USEC is in business to provide service in the development and production of oil and
natural gas in the United States preferable in the Western parts. Founded in 1966 in Wyoming
and focusing on the the development of natural resource assets acquiring properties on
favorable terms, adding value through the application of its expertise in the natural resources
sector, and seeking joint venture partners to assist in the development of its projects”. Team B
will identify USEC’s long-term objectives along with the best generic and grand strategies for
their organization. The paper will include a description and an evaluation of at least three
feasible grand strategies, considering the grand strategy matrixes as well as a recommendation of
a strategy that USEC should implement.
Generic Strategy
The generic strategy for USEC is focus. The focus strategy attempts to attend to the
needs of a particular market segment” (Pearce & Robinson, 2011, p. 184). USEC pursuing the
focus strategy will be willing to service isolated geographic areas in the western part of the
United States. The company can attend to the demands of the requests based on the contracts.
The company can keep an inventory also known as the reserve of oil and gas to supply the
demand. The focus strategy allows the company to focus more on the Western territories to
acquire a profit out of this particular market segment.
Along with the focus strategy the company must carry on a value discipline. The product
leadership is a value discipline that involves “offering customer’s leading-edge products and
services that make rivals’ goods obsolete”. USEC must strive to continue to produce the oil and
natural gas as well as geothermal, and molybdenum by drilling and exploration. The company

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should focus under the product leadership discipline to be creative, innovative, and using these
disciplines for improvement as well as managers working hard to find new solutions to problems
and maintain a constant continuation for improvement. Using this generic strategy “Focus” and
applying the value product leadership disciple, the company will be able to acquire more of a
particular market segment and beat the competitor in the western side of the United States.
Long-term objectives
USEC is constantly searching for and evaluating prospective oil and gas projects in the
United States, focusing on those candidates presenting promise for development using horizontal
drilling techniques or located in existing conventional basins and on a scale meaningful to their
company. The organization have a demonstrated track record of identifying such projects and
then establishing the partnerships or joint ventures to commence drilling programs leading to
first production. The company believes in a rigorous assessment process ensured to remain true
to their strategy and provide good stewardship of shareholders assets. USEC continues to focus
on increasing production, reserves, revenue and cash flow from operations while managing debt
level of debt.
USEC has to consider significant characteristics of the remote, industry and operating
environments. According to "The Oil, Gas and Mining Sustainable Community Development
Fund, The oil and gas industry has been operating in some of the world’s most sensitive
environments for more than a century. These range from deserts, mangroves, wetlands, coral
reefs, tropical rainforests to frozen tundra, and from rural areas inhabited by indigenous
communities to heavily populated urban environments" (Opportunities and Challenges of
Extractive Industries). It has also expanded its use of assessments and other activities to further

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