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Visual Communications Visual Analysis

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Running Head: VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS- VISUAL ANALYSIS Visual Communications- Visual Analysis Institution Affiliation Date 1 VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS- VISUAL ANALYSIS 1. This is a cover illustration of a magazine. Assess which of these statements best expresses the sensory idea used here to connect with the viewer. Select one: a. The grid formation that divides the face leaves a strong visual impact. b. The face of the person connects with the message of the magazine. c. The number “09” (which is printed vertically) draws attention. d. The white background helps the lettering to stand out. 2 VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS- VISUAL ANALYSIS 2. Analyze the use of a specific cognitive color strategy in this website to persuade the target audience, and select the best option. Select one: a. Red, white and silver create a feeling of playfulness, fun, and enjoyment b. Red and white create a feeling of association with nature and environment c. White and silver create a feeling of calmness, isolation, and exclusivity d. Red, white and silver create a feeling of sophistication, opulence, and passion 3. According to Xerox's research, how will most Americans interpret the color yellow? Select the correct option. Select one: a. No particular meaning or association. 3 VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS- VISUAL ANALYSIS b. Happiness, good fortune, wedding c. Joy, cowardliness, illness, caution d. Religion, freedom, happiness, prosperity 4. This advertisement promotes a brand of diamo ...
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