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STR 581 Week 6 DQ 1




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STR 581 Week 6 DQ 1
What is your assessment of the prospects for economic growth in the company/industry in
which you work and the area in which you live?
My company has two divisions. The first is railroad-oriented. Rail is seeing
resurgence in use for transportation due to high fuel costs. However, locomotives use fuel too.
My company manufactures products that help locomotives run more efficiently and save
thousands of gallons of fuel. The amount of business that’s being generated, even for older
products shows a good sign for continued growth for both my company and the industry overall.
The other division offers remote monitoring for equipment. In today’s economy
most companies are running lean, trying to do more with less people. As an example we are
currently promoting our hardware into the oil and gas market. Rather than having service people
driving around site to site, the equipment notifies the office if it has a problem, and what the
problem is. This way they only send out a service person once, with the right parts and tools. It
feels good to work for a company that is growing rather than downsizing.
I feel the economic growth in my area is looking up. This gut feeling is based on my
own personal experience. I was out of work for two years and now I have had a full time job for
over a year. I have friends who are finding jobs as well. But, I do have other friends still
looking. According to an online report in the local paper, even with potential layoffs at a couple
of major employers, tourism combined with lower gas prices is expected to give the state a boost.
There are now 50,000 job openings versus 5 to 6,000 at the height of the recession.

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