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Substance Abuse In Connecticut

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Running Head: SUBSTANCE ABUSE IN CONNECTICUT Substance Abuse in Connecticut Name Course Tutor Date 1 SUBSTANCE ABUSE IN CONNECTICUT 2 Connecticut has suffered, majorly because of the use of opioids, which have in turn led to many deaths as a result. On this note, it has been clear that it has been ranked among the top ten states that have suffered many deaths as a result of an overdose of the drugs. Research between 1999 and 2012 indicates that the numbers of deaths resulting from opioid use in Connecticut were nearing the national average. In 2016, however, the numbers went up, to four times the previous figures. In 2012, the numbers stood at 5.7 for every 100, 000 people while 2016 had its numbers at 24.5 deaths for every 100,000 people. Hospitals in Connecticut have had to deal with providing prescriptions for pain-relieving opioids which saw 2015 have 2.3 million prescriptions for these pain-relieving drugs. This translates to 64 people among every 100. There was a reduction from 71 people among every 100 as recorded in 2013 (Babor, 2010). With regard to the use of opioids and alcohol to the point of abuse, there are certain behaviors that one can link to these drugs. In ...
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