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Week 1
Discussion: Tell your classmates about your current relationship with writing. Is it something
you enjoy? Something you struggle with? What is difficult about it? What is easy? Feel free to
include your thoughts on what you learned this week, and how the lessons you've completed so
far might help you become a better writer. Do you have a plan for improving your writing?
Please create your own original response to this prompt and respond to at least two of your
My name is Mohammed Almajed. I am 30 years old. I am an international student and my status
is F1 student. Being an international student has been very interesting to me. I have learned a
great deal of cultures and ways of life. Most of all I have learned different languages.
I am married, but I do not have any children yet, although I do plan to have children in the
future. I have been to focused on my studies and plan to have children when I finish school. I am
originally from Saudi Arabia and at the current time I live with my mother and my wife in
Fredrick, Maryland. I have two sisters and one brother.
I would like to think I am a pretty good writer and I enjoy writing when I have time to free write.
I do struggle sometimes with my English, punctuation, and grammar, but I am working to perfect
that. The most difficult thing about writing is punctuation. I tend to get run on sentences or
sentence fragments lots of times. I do plan to improve this throughout the weeks of this course.
Prewriting Techniques
Job! It can be a heavy task to settle and start making guideline on the ideal job
embayment that lingers on my mind. I have grown with a mentality that a job is dependable
when one is in need. Thus a job to me is a simple duty that is meant to bring my ends meet.
In fact, for the years I have lived I can describe what is appropriate for my job to be a matter

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of modification of the needs I have. Although I put much regard to the ethical values behind
all the activities I undertake, to me a job has to come as a token and not a duty that invokes
my lifestyle.
To end up in the job that bears such phenomenal flexibility, I should right away move into
action. I would make sure that all interactions with people hold great value to me and in all
times of my life. As I come out of the house I must be ready to bear a record of all places I
visit. Again it will beat sense if I do not communicate to all partners in my life that I would
wish to get an open duty to do as a job. To culminate my search into an official campaign, I
must carry my ambitions out of the issue. This will give me a chance to get into whatever I
choose and not what comes my way.
Skills in this case are represented by any form of life supportive activity I can take. To
make the matter more open, the basic education I got stands tall in my qualification. In
addition, life skills like communication cannot be taken lightly. This means that I stand on the
fact that I have a balance of choices. I have been learning better communication since I will
want to tackle any job. Such skills will come automatically without clinics of training. The
major issue is to make sure I am a master of all trades and can work in any capacity.
In pursuit of this kind of open job obstacles have been a galaxy. The myriad has not
been from hosts, but it lies on my shoulders. This is because jobs that need freelancing are
numerous. Thus, I have not managed to choose any with my specifications. The rate of pay
has been a confusing factor because bosses require a proof of efficiency before hiring me.
The five jobs I have met have been short-term and strictly relied on my ability to follow

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instructions. I expect more challenges based on my inability to be specific in professional
Considering a job comes with a galaxy of possibilities. A job has direct connection with
the person doing it. This may mean that people keep on developing towards the kind of jobs
they do. Indeed, an idyllic career to me exists if one chooses to create it. Given the fact that
human beings are conditional then it is superlative to note that a job should not dictate skills.
This is because training is not the perfect measure of performance. Thus, to me a job is any
engagement that can be managerial, training, equipping, executing or all service oriented
activities. The most important aspect is that of keeping the law of the state observed. So give
me a chance to serve and that will be a job and definitely we ought to negotiate terms and
Staying fit, managing personal goals, giving others their room is willing to work with
others and desire to stand on a concrete personality are major steps. I have to make sure that I
have certified my well being. This is beyond my training as a trainer of trainees. On top of
this I should aspire to create a list of what a job must help me to achieve. This is probably an
attempt to create rapport between the goal of the employer and personal goals. Thus,
inclusion of another in my plan is executed. The final step should incorporate activities of
creating a profile that presents me as a trainer. This should a least show that I have adequate
stores of work place ethics to teach.

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