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Introduction Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Medicinal Plant: • The plants having medicinal properties are called medicinal plants (“JARIBUTI” in Nepali), the principal sources of raw drugs. • The Plants rich in secondary metabolites and are potential source of drugs are called Medicinal plant. • Medicinal Herbs have curative powers and are used in making medicines because of their healing properties as a result of containing active ingredients. • Herbal material: is not only the whole plant itself but also its gums, fixed oils, essential oils, resins, extracts, etc. • Active ingredients are the substances responsible for pharmacological action. Medicinal Plant world scenario • Over three-quarters of the world population relies mainly on plants and plant extracts for health care. • More than 30% of the entire plant species, at one time or other was used for medicinal purposes. • Of the 2, 50,000 higher plant species on earth, more than 80,000 are medicinal. Medicinal Plant Nepal scenario • Nepal is considered as one of the important countries for medicinal and aromatic plants. • In Nepal, 118 types of ecosystem are present along with 13 different types of microclimate. • 10091 species of flowering and non flowering species of plants has been documented. • Out of which 700 are of medicinal values where 238 types are medically tested to find chemical content (medicinal and NTFP coordination committee, 2005). • In a database called MAPDO ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.