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Security Breach Response

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Running head: SECURITY BREACH RESPONSE Security Breach Response Name Course Professor Date 1 SECURITY BREACH RESPONSE 2 Security Breach Response Ramifications of the breach The first step towards initiating processes to assure of prevention of a similar occurrence entails determining the scope of effect of the offense that has already happened. In that vein, the data breach of 2012 at Nebraska University could affect over a hundred thousand individuals including continuing and former students as well as the over 20000 parents who had vital information in the system. Since the attack was directed at NeSIS, the effect was felt at both University of Nebraska and Nebraska State College System seeing that they both share a database (Shakya, & Gupta, 2018). The vulnerabilities exploited The breach is a consequence of an authentication compromise given that access was gained into the system by unauthorized persons. Achieving success in such an attack means that either an employee of the institution was compromised, a malicious software attachment was inserted onto a part of the system or the passwords of any components of the whole system (Abawajy, 2014). Compliance issues associate ...
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