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Experimental Research Study

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Running head: EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH Designing Experimental Research Study Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH From the scenario, the null and research hypotheses developed are outlined as thus: Null hypothesis: Experimental intervention has no statistically significant effect on the motivation of students. That is, it does not improve their motivation to actively participate in discussions. (The motivation level between the two groups is not significantly different) Research hypothesis: Experimental intervention improves student motivation. This implies that there is a statistically significant difference in the motivation levels of the two groups of study. Skidmore (2008) highlights various experimental research designs which include the Pretest-Posttest Control-Group Design, the Posttest-Only Control Group Design, and the Solomon Four-Group Design. For the Pretest-Posttest Control-Group Design, participants are assigned randomly to either the control or experimental group (Skidmore, 2008). There is a pretest, which is taken prior to any intervention and recorded to basically measure the equality of the two groups. The intervention being tested is then applied to the experimental group while the other group either gets an alternate or no intervention. This is followed by a post- intervention measurement that measures the final result of the interventions on the two groups (Skidmore, 2008). For this scenario, the students will be ran ...
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