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Class-room Management Plan
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Class-room Management Plan
The primary reason for completing this thesis was all due to God. He gave me the
strength, knowledge, and encouragement to go on through the tiring nights of research and
typing. Secondly, my parents gave me hope along the way when I felt discouraged as if I could
go no further. Their confidence in me, their kind words, and their love are what
Pressed me to move forward.
Statement of Intent
The purpose of the given project is to evaluate and explore the environment of class room and
maintaining behaviors and problem related situations. Teachers face great amount of pressure
regarding class management, that creates a fear in the minds of teaching related professionals
and that creates negative turnover in this profession. As there are various issues in the classroom
regarding control and effective handling, teachers should have some effective sort of plan to
tackle that.
For ascertaining positive discipline and atmosphere in the class, teachers should
implement qualitative approach.
Qualitative approach stands for, “Teachers are interviewed on the basis of that particular
techniques related to class management”. Teachers focus should be on attaining positive response
in class.
Class-room management
“A process of ensuring the environment of class room runs smoothly to avoid disruptive
behavior by students”

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Class-room Management Plan
It shows direct link with motivation, discipline and respect. A large part of traditional
classroom management involves behavior modification, although many teachers see
using behavioral approaches alone as overly simplistic. Many teachers establish rules and
procedures at the beginning of the school year.
According to Gootman (2008),” rules give students concrete direction to ensure that our
expectation becomes a reality”
“As I am selecting an age level of 8
standard to 10
Philosophy regarding children learning:
As i am implementing a class room management plan, initially i am going to discuss my
philosophies regarding children learning.
Active Involvement:
As it is known that learning requires involvement and interest of learner, as a educator I
must create a particular environment that constructs interest of student in class room.
Some interest developing suggestions are:
a) Provide students with hand-out activities, such as some practical work and
b) Encourage the class- participation and give positive remarks.
c) Visit seminars should be created by school, such as to museum and any study and
learning related place.
d) Assistance plays vital role, as I assist them to set their aims and goals, that
thought creates a mannered atmosphere in the class-room.
Social Participation:
The major factor regarding class management is social involvement and creation of social
atmosphere; it can be created by following mentioned strategies:

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