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Character Analysis

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Running head: ANALYSIS OF THE CHARACTER OF CREON IN ANTIGONE UNDERSTANDING CREON IN THE PLAY ‘ANTIGONE’ NAME INSTITUTION AFFILIATION 1 CHARACTER ANALYSIS 2 Character Analysis If there is a need to open up the actions of Creon and the comparison with Antigone, one would have to see the quotation from the play ‘Better to fall from power, if fall we must, at the hands of a man—never be rated inferior to a woman, never’ (Honig, 2013) which are the words of Haemon, Creon’s son. Upon hearing these words, Creon is pleased with what he perceives as the words of wisdom of his child. Haemon goes ahead to tell his father that no woman would ever take precedence over his father, and this only serves to flatter his father further. It is an idea that should be seen as one that shows what Creon considers to be important in his life. However, all his changes when Haemon tells his father that the people had been speaking and the prevailing sentiment was that she should not be killed for her actions which appear noble. The son goes to implore the father not be cocky and absolute on his authority, and this means that he asks his father to reconsider his decision, and this infuriat ...
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