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Acc 308 final project workbook

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Southern New Hampshire University ACC 308 - Intermediate Accounting II MILESTONE 1 (Due in Module 3) MILESTONE 2 (Due in Module 5) For full instructions see Instructions Milestone 1 page For full instructions see Instructions Milestone 2 page Instructions Milestone 1 1. Trial Balance Instructions Milestone 2 1. Using the Peyton Approved financial data, create: Using the given Pro Forma information, create: Adjusting Entries Adjusted Trial Balance Pro Forma Income Statement Pro Forma Balance Sheet 2 2. Revised Financial Statements Pro Forma Financial Statements Notes to the Financial Statements *Refer to Final Project Assignment Guidelines and Rubric document For Examples of Notes to the Financial Statements, see the Startbuck's Corporation Annual Report in Appendix A of the text Using the Trial Balance and Preliminary financial statements, prepare: Revised Balance Sheet Revised Income Statement In a separate Word document A. Create appropriate notes as year-toyear documentation for managing depreciation, supplies, and inventory.* *Peyton Approved uses the following accounting practices: •Inventory: Periodic, LIFO for both baking and merchandise •Equipment: Straight line method used for equipment Revised Retained Earnings Statement Revised Statement of Cash Flows 3. Ratio Analysis Using the financial statements from 2015, 2016, and revised 2017, calculate the following ratios: Current Ratio (Working Capital ) Management Analysis Brief *Refer to ...
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