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Speedy share Affiliate Program.




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Speedy share Affiliate Program
Institutional Affiliation

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The link discusses about Speedy Share Affiliate program, which is a site for file hosting
that allows individuals to upload their files and share the download links through the World Wide
Web. The site provides an affiliate program in which people can make money from the files
downloaded by their friends. The site is open to all people all over the world who would like to
share their files and earn cash through the affiliate program. The current Speedy share Premium
cost is about $5 per subscriber. As long as a subscriber who has been referred stays while using
the account, a person usually remains paid. The account has unlimited space for people who
would like to download files from the account. In addition, the site usually supports remote
downloading through a full speed especially when one is subscribed to the premium accounts.
The main question among people is how people can start earning. The first stage is to
register to a basic account. Once a person has registered, they usually receive unique link codes
that help them to begin sending traffic. This allows people to upload the files and let other
people to download them. Once users want files to download through speed they usually want to
purchase the premium account. This will help a person to get paid for the referral. Another
question is how can a person know that a SpeedyShare subscriber belongs to them? It is evident
that once a person has opened an account through a subscriber, an hidden tracking code usually
is stored to their browser. Once a person has made any transaction, the account of the other
person is usually tracked making it easier for the person to transact. As long as this person
remains subscribed to the account, they will usually make money using the account.
Another question usually asked by people is how is the affiliate money sent to them? Like
any other webhosting site, it is clear that payments are usually sent to people upon each request.
These payments can be made on weekly, monthly and daily basis. There is no minimum payment
to this account, a fact that makes it easy to make transactions using the account. In addition,

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earnings tend to be held for 30 days before they have been transacted. This is a measure that
helps to avoid any form of fraud that can occur through the transactions.
To sum it up, Speedy Share Affiliate program provides users to make money through
sharing the site. Once a person is subscribed to the site, they can refer their friends all over the
world in order to guide them to download files. This gives the users the ability to refer to their
friends. As long as the person remains subscribed to the program, it is evident that they will
make money through the site. Once a person has subscribed to the basic account, they usually get
unique link codes that can help them to send traffic to multiple people. Payments are sent to a
person through their PayPal account. Once the payment has been received, it is usually held for
30 days to avoid any form of fraud that can occur during the transactions.

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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.