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Qualitative Vs. Quantitative Research

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Running Head: QUALITATIVE VS. QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date: 1 QUALITATIVE VS. QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH 2 Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research A researcher can opt to use either the qualitative or quantitative approaches. The selection of either of these approaches must come from the initial analysis of the various factors of interest such as the nature of the underlying facts, conclusions and also the kind of data in the context. Failing to look at these elements may, in the end, result into mixed conclusions based on the inappropriate pieces of evidence. Based on this no0tion, it follows that the two approaches hold a similar degree of frequency with regards to the completion of a given piece of research. The various researchers can opt to use quantitative approaches when it comes to evaluating statistical data. On the other hand, if the research revolves around the collection of theoretical data, the researcher may opt to use the qualitative approaches. However, most researchers opt to use the quantitative approaches in completing their pieces of work because they claim that this strategy helps to come up with conclusive findings based on hard statistical facts. Most psychologists may prefer using the quantitative approaches when conducting their respective studies. The primary reason that makes such groups of experts to use the quantitative approaches revolves around the notion that the selected strat ...
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