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The Rise And Fall Of The Byzantine Empire

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Name of student Name of Professor Name of course Name of institution The rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire The origin of the Byzantine Empire can be outlined to 330AD when Constantine I who was the Roman emperor committed a new Rome to Byzantium a colony of Greek. Byzantium which was also called the Eastern Roman Empire came into existence through the basis of the Constantinople city. The empire was characterized by its developed economic and monetary system, unique government organization, and enormous wealth and excellently equipped army with a remarkable war technique. During those times Byzantium had a noticeable position among the primitive states. In addition, the Byzantine Empire survived for many years producing a gorgeous custom or literature, art, learning and serving as a military shield between Asia and Europe. It was very civilized and powerful. Although Constantine reigned over a unified Empire, after his death this unity was attested to be unreal. Therefore, the Empire Valencian I divided the empire into eastern and western whereby he ruled in the west and his brother Valens on the east. The fortunes of the two sections later deviated with constant attacks in t ...
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