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Health and Wellness: The Capital for all Human Resources




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Health and Wellness: Inseparable
By: Ernel S. Merano, Ph.D. Student
A slogan goes this way, Health is Wealth, “thus, there will be no wealth without health,
indeed. The common term health refers to the state of being physically, mentally, socially,
emotionally and spiritually sound. Wellness on the other hand, is quite synonymous to the word
health since the term well means good, sound or in good health that conspicuously focuses on
the all aspects of man’s life.
In this developing country like Philippines, the only capital for human resources to earn a
living is the so-called one’s health and wellness. There will be no progressive and abundant
country having people living there are having poor health. So what makes a country to be
considered as a first class country like United State of America and any Europe countries? The
simple and transparent answer could be the two vital words such as Health and Wellness. These
two words are of course inseparable.
In this instance, since we started discussing these crucial words, let me cite to you a very
common example in our society, which will directly focus on the factors that affect academic
performance of a student inside the school. Undeniably, this is an educational problem that even
before and nowadays are remain unsolved.
A boy cannot go to school and perform well with his task assigned by his teacher because
he has something problem with his health. He used to have fever, colds and toothache that
caused him not to report to the class. A teacher in the class visited the boy who is confined for
three days in the hospital due to the said unusual fever. And only he found out the real situation
of the said pupil.
With this vivid example, we can now tell and give a brilliant conclusion on how health
and wellness are related to each other, right? Well, eating the exact amount of the right basic
foods group everyday such as the go, glow and grow food is not really enough to acquire essence
of health and wellness. However, health and wellness can be attained if each individual will also
give value on executing regular exercise everyday. Regular exercise as well will surely help
circulate our blood in our entire body normally. Nothing can defeat the state of being physically
fit if each will not be lazy to perform the basic ways.
As of this contemporary age, health and wellness are much needed to solve all the
existing economic problems in our society. It is completely indispensable in the way the leaders
of the country can perform well their tasks and responsibilities to augment and awaken the
undying condition of the country. And to start with this advocacy, educators in any private and
public institution must be an advocate to their learners to emphasize and give significance of
everyone’s health and wellness in order to cope up with the global competition as an advocacy of

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the K to 12 Basic Education Program, which main goal is to produce holistic and internationally
competitive graduates that is neophyte in this country.

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