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308724734 drilling into disaster

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DRILLING INTO DISASTER By [Student Name] BP CEO RESPONSE TO THE DISASTER Despite promising to focus his leadership on safety and reliability after taking office, the BP CEO Tony Howard failed to uphold the reputation of the company. In response to the 2010 disaster, the CEO failed to communicate with stakeholders effectively, mishandled the media, and downplayed the media's oil spill scale. The media reported that it was at the rate of 1,000 Barrels a day, contrary to the US government report of 12,000 a day. The procedures he put in place to contain the spill was insufficient as it would take close to three months to collect and manage the spill. His failure to commit himself to environmental safety as aggravated by his 'I'd like to get my life back' remark during the disaster, showed he was out of touch with the situation at hand. THE CHAIRMAN AND BOARD CULPABILITY The board showed a lack of leadership and misuse of executive powers in its tenure The board failed in its operational oversight role and communication with stakeholders that led to the disaster. The reaction of the board towards the disaster was slow and angered the public and the Government. The excessive executive compensation to the outgoing CEO was seen as ineptitude and conspiracy. The board, therefore, was equally responsible for the failed leadership in the company CODE OF CONDUCT AND WHISTLE BLOWER POLICY A survey before the rig explosion showed exposed the safety apprehensions brought forward b ...
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