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Mobile Marketing Plan

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Running Head: MARKETING PLAN Marketing Plan Name Learning Institution 1 MARKETING PLAN 2 Part One Q1 Measure to Determine Whether Or Not the New Product Plan for MM Is a Success Majority of organizations focus on the new products in making revenues, they chiefly feel that marketing is enough; however they express concerns on the new products plans success. Notably, there are attributes which can help to determine how the fast the commodities are adopted, in this case, it helps to measure the success of the marketing plan. Complexity: The extent in which the new products are difficult in understanding its applications will deter the potential customers from purchasing. It is thus advisable to have a simple product plan which is easier to understand. For example, in mobile marketing, Mobile marketing, the new product lunch should be precise, clear and provide illustrations on how to use the products. Compatibility; the products should be consistent with the current technologies as well as processes. For example, in MM, the compatibility of the product should be effectively emphasized through messaging, in this way, customers will have an idea on the effectiveness of the commodi ...
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