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Women Roles

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Running head: WOMEN ROLES WOMEN’S ROLES THEN AND NOW Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date WOMEN ROLES 2 In the 18th and 19th centuries, women, especially those in leadership, had difficult roles to play compared to those over which they ruled, both Catherine the great and Queen Victoria rose to power while they were still young and they ended up making a significant impact on their cultures and country. In May 1837, Queen Victoria, at the age of eighteen, rose to the throne while still young and vibrant, she was raised through the “Kensington System” after moving to occupy the Kensington Palace with her mother, Kent’s Duchess, together with John Conroy, her new partner (Williams, 2009). Apart from being kept apart from her family and friends, Victoria was watched throughout the day and she spent her nights in her mother’s bedroom, her childhood was quite unhappy. After rising to the throne, Victoria was determined to rule by herself while only depending on the people’s support (Williams, 2009). Despite the fact that there occurred a period where she was scrutinized, she was a well-known person by her compatriots. According to Simon Henderson, a biographer, Catherine the Great “was a dynamic, energetic, thoughtful monarch, sometimes generous, sometimes cruel, always vain, always tenacious, but with an unswerving commitment to modernizing Russia” (Henderson, 2005). She was skillful in making an assertion on her position in power despite her ...
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