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Please answer these based on Tidal Power and completely.
What is the form of renewable energy? Tidal Power
Can it be used for the power grid in general, for
businesses, for homes? Be sure to note whether it is an
option for one, two or all three types of consumers?
Would this option be affordable for a home owner? Which
region of the country suits this form of renewable energy
the best?
Could this form of energy be used in Central PA. Why or
why not?
Problems with this form of renewable energy?
Tidal power ,commonly called tidal energy, is a form of
hydropower that basically converts the energy obtained
from tides into useful forms of power and that form of
power is mainly electricity.
This type of energy can not be used in general as it is very
location specific i.e. very less no of sites identified with
high potential. It can be used for business and homes but
is not the best choice for homes .
Solar power is generally regarded as the first choice for
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homeowners looking to become energy producers
themselves, but in some situations wind turbines make an
excellent alternative. It would take a wind turbine of about
10 kilowatts and also $40,000 to $70,000 to finally become
a net electricity producer.It has been seen that
investments like this typically break even after 10 to 20
The waters off the Pacific Northwest are very much ideal
for tapping into an ocean of power.this can be done using
newly developed undersea turbines. The tides along the
Northwest coast which fluctuate dramatically, as much as
12 feet a day can be easily used. Other potential sites are
the coasts of Alaska, British Columbia and Washington as
they have exceptional energy-producing potential. If you
consider the Atlantic seaboard, Maine is also an excelle nt
Disadvantage of The wind energy is:-
They are expensive to build
Very location specific (limited sites identified with high
The energy produced is non-continuous, storage or grid-
backup required
The places where this can be harveste d are often remote
Barrages build for tidal energy may restrict access to open
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Can change tidal level of surrounding area
It impacts fishes, marine mammals and birds
Generally disrupts regular tidal cycles
Mud flats ,these are the area where many bir ds feed
adversely impacted
It also reduces kinetic energy in the ocean

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