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Reflection Paper On Philosophy

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Running head: PHILOSOPHY 1 Reflection Paper On Philosophy Name Institution PHILOSOPHY 2 Reflection Paper On Philosophy In your own words, discuss and critically analyze the major points in each of the audio and video. Love and Self Love and Self Sabotage Self-sabotage is when there is a behavior that is creating problems as well as interfering with the anticipated goals. Various behaviors result to self-sabotaging such as having own medication with un-prescribed drugs or even alcohol, comfort eating as well as making cuts in one's body. In the video, some individuals have comfort eating where they are even having drinks on their when their partners do not have (The School of Life, 2015). In the video of love and self-love is that self-love is the most integral part of love. The primary love has to begin with self-love where an individual is subjected to having self's love. It entails accepting oneself most appropriately as well as having a high level of self-esteem. When an individual has a high level of esteem, he or she is now in a position of extending love to other people. According to the video is that to have love towards another individual one ought to first have self-love (The School of Life, 2016). Deer—Life Enfolded in Symbols The audio entails aspects concerning the modern culture as well as the different lifestyles that are linked with the modern culture. Individuals are highly valuing their lifestyles to ensure that they are in a comfortable situation. Th ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.


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