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EDU 671 - Trends in Educational Action Research


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Trends in Educational Action Research
EDU 671
December 16, 2013

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Trends in Educational Action Research
Area of focus
The area of focus for this educational action research is to find out which teaching
methodologies can be utilized to better prepare high school students for their transition into post-
secondary curriculums.
Explanation of problem
Most high school students know that college curriculums are nothing like high school and
it can be assumed that most teachers do not format their lessons to help prepare them for the type
of work they will encounter while matriculating in higher education. In some school districts,
teachers will tell students that college work is much harder but yet the assigned work will not
reflect what students can expect in college. It has been said that high school teachers focus on
making sure their students are prepared for what they need to learn now but what about later?
The purpose of education is to prepare students for the future and if how and what they are
learning now is not reflective of preparing them for college, how can we expect them to be 100%
Define variables
This research plan will focus on students in grades 9-12. Within each grade level, one
class per subject will be assessed in how teachers’ lesson plans are structured. Instead of this
being an individualized research action plan, this can be thought of as a district wide plan to help
teachers help students become more aware of what to expect once they move on to higher

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Research question(s)
There are many things to think about when conducting a research plan as specific as this.
Such questions to ask are: (1) Are teachers aware of the basic curriculum of the core classes
students will take on the college level? (2) Are there assignments challenging enough to give
students the concept of how professors assign work?; (3) Are teachers collaborating with
university/college professors to gain insight on what is expected of their students?; (4) Does the
school participate in any collaborations with allowing high school students to gain college
credit? If so, how effective is the program? Are teachers encouraging their students to
When considering this particular action plan, Teachnology (2012) listed a couple of
trends that current in education and four of these trends helped me to consider this topic: teacher
accountability, global education, collaboration, and differentiated instruction. Although these
topics did not include college preparation, these terms resonated with the idea of recognizing the
need to have students better prepared for their future. As teachers, they are held to a certain
regard and they must do more than the bare minimum. Knowing if secondary teachers are
preparing their students for college work is an important issue in teaching and learning because
there is an issue in retention once a student goes to college. College professors are not going to
spend time going over prior knowledge and if a student is not fully trained in what they will need
to know then this can cause the student to be less successful.
If teachers are not ensuring that their students are fully equipped with the tools and
knowledge they need to sustain them for college life, then this should implement a change in a
how lesson plans need to be structured, school and district wide. In today’s world, having a
college education is unavoidable; even if a student does not go to college right way, at some

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Really helped me to better understand my coursework. Super recommended.