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HR Student’s name: Course: Instructor’s name: Date of Submission: Introduction    Overseas recruitment demands the HR department to adhere to various practices such as effective preparation and selection of employees. Various competencies and skills are required for employees This presentation covers key aspects to consider during global recruitment       Skills and competencies Staffing methods Ongoing training Pre-departure opportunities Repatriation Policies U.S employment laws Methods for Staffing Global Organizations  Regiocentric   Geocentric   This method focus on recruiting people without consideration of their place of origin or where they live. It entails hiring employees remotely and relocating them. It is unbiased and most effective. Polycentric   This method entails hiring and staffing people within the same region to assist in filling open positions in those areas. Easy and fast but not a vast pool of individuals to select from. Unlike ethnocentric that focuses on parent country, this method hires the locals in the host country to fill the positions. Builds a good rapport with the individuals Ethnocentric  The approach is based on hiring employees from the parent country to fill positions globally. Provide a vast and diverse pool of individuals (Caligiuri, Tarique & Jacobs, 2009) Competencies Important to selection of Candidates  Working • • • • • internationally demands a ...
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I was struggling with this subject, and this helped me a ton!


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