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Leadership and Motivation Displayed in the Movie Remember the Titans






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Leadership and Motivation in Management
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Leadership and Motivation
The terms leadership and motivation can be interchanged, yet they represents two distinct
Leadership represents ability of the individual for leading, guiding, directing, or
influencing the people n order to achieve the set goal or objective. Leadership reflects the ability
of inspiring people for making willing, total and voluntary dedication/commitment to accomplish
or achieve the organizational goal (Goetsch & Davis, 2001). There are several approaches and
theories of the leadership that helps in describing the leadership behavior as a personality product
of an individual and the situation they are dealing in.
Motivation reflects a goal oriented attribute that helps a person to attain his objectives. It
pushes the individual towards hard work enabling him to achieve his/her goals (Akomolafe,
2012). The executive must possess accurate leadership traits in order to influence the process of
Leadership Tactics and Traits
Effective leader posses several leadership traits like
Personal attributes of enthusiasm, cooperativeness, inspiring ability, persuasiveness,
tact and forcefulness.
Character attributes of stability, self discipline, humanism and integrity.
Physical qualities like health and endurance.
Intellectual qualities which include teaching ability, guiding ability, mental ability and
scientific solution of the problems
An effectual example of the leadership traits can be seen from the movie ‘Remember the Titans’.
The movie provides an exceptional study of the leadership challenges and principles in imperfect

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surroundings and represents a real life scenario of the leadership. Coach Boone in the movie
represents an amazing example of an effective leader having personal, intellectual, physical and
character traits. Boone has to face insurmountable situations, but, through the absolute
personality traits, unique and exceptional sense of vision, Coach Boone succeeded in convincing
the players to keep back their differences and co-operate with each other for the quest of victory.
He knows that he has to face a tough for teaching the team. He however, does not listen to the
administrators and pushes his team in order to promote good relationships between two team’s
players, apart from the race. Coach Boone however, realizes that in order to move forward
towards goal attainment, everyone should have confidence in and commitment to a common
objective and purpose.
In order to differentiate between the managers and leaders the two coaches of teams i.e.,
Boone and Yoast can be a good example. For managing the teams the two coaches have different
leadership approach. Boone represents charismatic leader, Charismatic leader is a forceful leader
(Wallerstein, 2013), having an approach of military style coaching. The charismatic leader
believes in rebuilding the team after breaking the team members down. Boom has managed the
differences i.e., ethnic and cultural discrimination between the teams which should be recognized
b every good and effective leader. Similarly excellence is the demand of a good leader; Boone
has never compromised on the standards that are required from the football team. Yoast
represents a conservative and slack leader that feels that Boost is using much force for boosting
the players. However, this coaching style difference has paved the way to several altercations
between the players and coaches. The clash of coaches represents the real life situation that can
occur when goal of leaders is same but approaches are different. The movie is a clear
representation of the leadership fact that having a clear vision towards an objective can help to

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