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Hazard Communication Standards

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Hazard Communication Standards Overview • Main objective- ensure chemical safety of the staff in the workplace • The information on chemical identity and the hazard is clearly outlined and understandable • The chemical dealersmanufacturers and importers, clearly labeled and have safety data sheets • Employers: should have clear labels and safety data sheets for use by the workers • Employers: should train all employees on the proper handling of chemicals Communication standards • Classification of hazards • Labeling-clearly laid out labels: • Uniformly agree signal word • Have a pictogram in place • Statement on the hazard • Class and category of the hazard • Safety data sheets • Training staff on the chemical information and safety concerns relating to them Safety Data Sheets (SDS) • Manufacturers, distributors/importers are required to provide safety data sheets (SDS) • Information includes • Properties of all the chemicals • Physical and environmental health hazards related to the chemicals • Protective strategies/measures-safety protection and storage of the said chemicals Labels • Name and contact details (phone and address) of the producer, importer or any other related party that can be contacted • The product identifier • Hazard statement • Signal wordings-Two words used: danger and warning. ▫ Danger: Applied when the hazard is severe ▫ Warning: applies to less severe hazards Labels • Precaution statements- d ...
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