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Intro To Quality Management Assignment Week 5

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Running Head: INTRODUCTION TO QUALITY MANAGEMENT Introduction to Quality Management Name Institutional Affiliation 1 INTRODUCTION TO QUALITY MANAGEMENT 2 Introduction to Quality Management The way technology has improved industrial and manufacturing capacity over the past years is so interesting. A good example of this is the evolution and development of work instructions (Ge et al., 2017). What was once considered a simple step by step procedures created by the engineers and the supervisors for shop-floor employees has transformed itself into an interactive and high-technology process. Currently EWI (Electronic Work Instructions) software/program is a great tool that is used in shop floor and at this particular moment leaders are investing a lot in matters concerning the integration of the electronic work instruction with 3 dimension visualization and other simulation programs in order for the operators to be able to not follow the instructions given but also to have a view of the animations of each direction/steps and also to be able to improve on various aspect right at the moment. In this particular article, I will break down the most important aspects that we need to understand about the present, past, and not to forget the future of (EWI) in the production/manufacturing and operations management and also I will discuss the eights different ways in which the EWI has transformed the shop flow. Based on the paper, Next Generation (EWI) Electronic Work Instructions, i ...
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