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Quality Control Tools

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Quality Control Tools Name of Student Professor Date The 7 tools of quality management can be used in different ways by any organization to promote quality and performance. Firstly, the causes and effect tool (Ishikawa diagram or the fishbones) can be used in my organization in product design (Nancy, 2005). Through this diagram, possible causes of product defects as well as potential causes imperfections can be determined. Therefore, this is a tool which can be used by the company’s Research and Development Department to identify and well as form a classification of these defects and causes of variations. To use this tool, the main defect can be placed at the fish’s head before the different causes of variations (major and minor) are classified to different levels to show the root causes as well as the resulting causes. The check sheet was the second tool of quality discussed in class and in my opinion, it would be applicable to an organization to collect data in real time at the point where the data originates from. Through the use of this data collection tool, the organization is able to collect both qualitative and quantitative data before recording in the tally sheet. Through this tool, information concerning the person responsible for fill the sheet, the place at which the data was collected as well as the purpose of data collection. From the check sheets, the counts of frequency can be determined. Basically, I would say that the check sheet can be useful in an org ...
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