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CHM 110 Week 1 - Individual Assignment - Chemistry and Society Paper - A+ Guide!




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Chemistry and Society Paper
University of Phoenix
CHM 110
October 17, 2014

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Chemistry and Society Paper
Accuracy and precision are two ways measurements can be classified. Each has its own
importance in its respective situations. Accuracy is the “agreement between a measurement and
the true or correct value” (Belle Vue College, n.d.). To know whether a measurement is accurate
or not, the true value must be known. Using the true value and the experimental value, one can
calculate the “Percent Error” to know how accurate or inaccurate the experimental value is from
the true value (ISU, n.d.). The higher the percent error, the most inaccurate the data measurement
is. Accuracy is extremely important in a chemistry lab scenario because reactions will or will not
occur depending on how much of each reactant is added (Tro, 2009). In some cases, if not
enough reactant is there, or too much reactant is there, the reaction can proceed slowly or more
faster; depending on the scenario, the reaction going slower or faster can affect the observation
of the reaction (Belle Vue College, n.d.).
Precision is the second way measurements can be classified. Precision is considered as
the repeatability of a resulted value; thus, precise data is data which is very close to each other
(Belle Vue College, n.d.). Determining whether data is precise does not need the knowledge of
the true value. For example, if a student studies 20 minutes more on each consecutive exam and
manages to achieve a grade of 79-80% percent on each exam, his/her scores are considered
precise (even though in this scenario preciseness is not ideal).
Accuracy and Precision in real life
The importance of accuracy and precision in measurements in the retail industry is great.
Measurements must be accurate and precise for both legal and business reasons. For example,
vinegar is one household product that is manufactured abundantly in the retail industry. By

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percent composition, vinegar is 5% acetic acid (Mississippi State University, n.d.). Companies
must make sure that all vinegar being produced is accurate and therefore must be 5% acetic acid.
Companies that produce vinegar use SPC (Statistical Process Control) to make sure that the
percent error for any given vinegar sample is so low that legally it cannot be in trouble
(Mississippi State University, n.d.). Another example is the manufacturing of nails. Nails,
whether or not accurate or not, must be precise because nails of different sizes cannot be
manipulated by the same screwdriver. Ideally, nails should be accurate, but companies focus on
preciseness as well when it comes to producing nails.
Three measurements in daily life
Three measurements I come across many times in life are taking the right amount of
medicine, giving snacks to my children, and getting to work on time. I must take the right
volume of medicine otherwise it could be harmful for me. In this situation, accuracy is a
necessity for my health. The true value is 10 mL, and I must take about 10 mL. Precision is also
important, but I must be precise around 10 mL. If I am precise in taking 12 to 14 mL every day, it
is not a good thing for me.
When my children come home, I give my kids something to eat. It is important for me to
equally divide the snacks so my kids have the same amount and do not argue with each other. In
this situation, there is no true amount of snacks to give, thus accuracy is not important. However,
precision is important because the amount of snacks each of one of my kids gets must be close to
each other.
Getting to work on time is another example where accuracy matters but precision does
not as much. I must reach my work on time which is 8:00 AM. 8:00 AM is the true value, and the

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