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The Bolivarian Revolution2

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Political Science
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Running head: THE BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION The Bolivarian Revolution Name Institution 1 THE BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION 2 The Bolivarian Revolution It is in 1998 that the Bolivarian Revolution was founded by Hugo Chaves and it was named after Simon Bolivar. However, this was the immediate time after his release from prison as he was seeking the office of president. At the age of 44, Chaves won the presidency thus turning out to be the youngest president in the history of Venezuelan. It was through the neoliberal platform that he got elected as he had promised the citizens political framework changes. Internationally, the Bolivarian revolution and president Hugo Chaves were recognized. His election made the citizens of Venezuela to be filled with optimism and hope. Indeed, the revolution made a silent success and achievements. This paper focuses on the protests of Bolivarian revolution. The revolution promoted social values like cooperation, solidarity and community empowerment. This was not the case with corporate-owned mass media as they were promoting selfishness and individualism. The values of the Venezuela citizens are being transformed through cooperatives. However, mass media and political leaders all over the world have been ignoring the cooperatives. In 1999, there were 230,000 members in cooperatives in Venezuela and 813 registered cooperatives. Up to now most of these original cooperatives are still active, resilient and tough since they were independent (Buxton, 2009 ...
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