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Ops235 assignment 2 2

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OPS235 Assignment 2 Weight: 15% of the overall grade Due Date: August 14 by midnight It is YOUR responsibility to backup your centos3 VM for this Assignment! You are required to frequently backup your VM prior to exiting a work session during this assignment. Your instructor will NOT accept the fact that your hard disk crashed and lost all of your work. If you properly backed up your VM images and xml configuration files to a USB, then you can purchase a new hard-disk or wipe and recreate your hard disk and restore your VMs. Introduction and Purpose In this assignment, you will demonstrate the skills you have learned to this point by configuring two services: a database server and a web server. You will install and use a database-backed web application, Wordpress, to show that these services have been installed properly. You will also configure the SELinux security system as well as the iptables firewall to further enhance the security of your computer system. At the end, you will demonstrate how to execute commands remotely. NOTE: Do this assignment inside the centos3 virtual machine unless it is required differently. Installing Packages Install these packages using yum   ...
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