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PHL/458 - Critical and Creative Thinking in Society Short Essays




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Critical and Creative Thinking in Society Short Essays 1
Critical and Creative Thinking in Society Short Essays
Amanda N Bundy
Instructor: Wendy Rusnock

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Critical Thinking and Society Exercise 2
Critical and Creative Thought

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Revolution for India 3
Recently the government shutdown; this shutdown occurred because the different
government parties could not come together and find a solution that would be best for the
American people. It is very important that our government officials use critical and creative
thinking to avoid issues that have a negative effect on the people and overall revenue. There are
multiple reasons why I believe using critical and creative thinking is important for our
government officials but the most important to me is being unified as a country which will
promote our foreign policy. Currently with the middle east’s situation with the terrorism being at
an all-time high it will be even more important that our government officials utilize new and
inventive strategies to not only combat the loss of life but help create solid government within
the different countries. If our government officials cannot work together on American issues, like
health care reform then other countries or terrorist will see this as a weakness and possible attack
again on American soil.
Free Will, Truth, Knowledge, and Opinion
For my answer I will, first need define the terms free will, truth, knowledge and option. First
free will is defined as the ability to act at one’s own discretion. Second truth is defined as a fact
of belief that is accepted as true. Third knowledge is defined as facts, information and skills
acquired by a person through experience or education. Lastly opinion is defined as a view or
judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. Now that I have
defined these terms I would like to explain how we use them to form thoughts. The terms are the
bases of every thought we make. We use our free will to make decisions based on what we know
is our truth, knowledge or our opinions. Over time as we gain knowledge and truths we use these
two to critically assess situations. The knowledge and truths help us formula educated opinions

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