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History Discussion

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Running Head: HISTORY DISCUSSION History Discussion Name Course Instructor Date HISTORY DISCUSSION 2 Topic: Nez Perce War. The Nez Perce War was an armed conflict between the US army and the Nez Perce Indians. It is considered as one of the tragic Indian wars in the 19th century (McKay, et al., 2011). The Indians refused to give their land to the US government resulting into a war that was fought in 1877. The war began in June and ended in October the same year. 1. The young population was faced with a myriad of problems. Finding proper housing was a never a walk in the park since they had little savings. In most cases, the youths lived in depilated regions characterized with congestion and inadequate social amenities. Furthermore, they were paid little wages that could not cater for all their basic needs and wants. The youths were also faced with the problem of self-realization since it also marked the period when most of them were transitioning from childhood to adulthood (McKay, et al., 2011). They developed a rift between what they considered as adolescents and adulthood. 2. The people during early modern period found no difficulty in describing body parts; they used both the vulgar language and scientific terminology to refer to body parts (McKay, et al., 2011). Both men and women never shied away from calling the body parts with their exact names. During the early modern period women were considered as highly sexualized beings with the ability to tempt, entice and ...
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