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Subject: Use of Reader Center Strategies by Ernst & Young
I have located the website of one of the potential employers I would like to work for, that being
Ernst & Young. I have reviewed it for the use of the six reader-centered strategies.
One of the potential employers I would like to work for is Ernst & Young. This company is one
of the biggest financial and accounting firms in the world. They have more than one and a half
centuries of history behind them and as an economics major I would love to work for them. I
have identified their website at the following address:
Strategies Used Well
They make good use of most of the reader centered strategies. Their website is quite good at identifying
the task the reader will perform while using their communication. They achieve this by dividing the
website into clear categories that classify the information and make it easier to find. Furthermore, Ernst
& Young also have quite a good website when it comes to displaying an easy to read writing
style. The information is presented in quite a simple manner. They seem to have had their various
types of readers in mind when filling up the website with writing information.
The website is intentionally designed in such a way to make it easier for specific types of reader
to find the information they’re looking for, which is another one of the six reader centered
Strategies that could be used more effectively
Ernst & Young’s website could however make more effective use of some of the reader center
strategies. One of these strategies would be highlighting the points the readers could find
persuasive. The website doesn’t excel at this strategy because, although it presents plenty of
information, it highlights very little to almost none of it. Similarly, the readers attitudes don’t
seem to be given much consideration. Using these two strategies more effectively would make a
true difference when it comes to the reader centrism of the text.

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