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Global warming




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Chemistry: global warming opinion
The crisis that nations encounter on the climate realm should never be deemed a political
issue. It stems out as a major moral and also a spiritual challenge that affects different sectors of
humanity. Considering the global consciousness, people have a chance to foster the growth and
development of the environmental calls. The Nobel Peace Prize always gives credit to those who
have excelled in fostering the nurturing of the globe. The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize was shared
among Gore and the IPCC. Despite the fact that some quotas of the society exhuded recentment
towards the sharing, the ultimate goal was achieved. It showed that there is more to the world’s
future in both the environmental realm and economic stance (Creswell, 12).
The ideals held by Gore made him the most suitable candidate for the award. He has
always postulated the benefits that are accrued from an environmentally safe globe, one that is
free from harm. He has also brought forth different notions in line with how global warming
causes melting of ice sheets. The latter, hence, raises sea levels and affects the weather patterns,
causing calamities like El Nino (Creswell, 28). His major calling was always on the US. The US
has always fought against nations that do not conform to its principals. Gore requested the US to
gear its efforts towards curbing environmental hazards. He also went on to urge the whole world
to consider global warming a major disaster.
Controversy never seizes to exist in the society. The fact that the Gore and IPCC shared
the award did not augur well with other sectors. Critics believed that Gore did not achieve as

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much as he postulated in his speech and works. They believed he could not stand to what he
states, and ends up negating the calls for environmental sustenance. The fact that Gore embraces
the use of a private jet instead of other public means of transport completely beats his call for
what environmental conservation. Jet fuel leads to global warming. They are also not energy
efficient. Most of the citizens believed that Gore could only qualify for such an award if he could
practice what he preached (Hughes, 25) .
Considering other schools of thought, one can say that the Gore and IPCC stood for
different ideals. However, it is always worth figuring out the fact that they have the same goal of
environmental conservation. The objective set forth by the organization and Gore were worth the
award. They have been on the forefront in the fight for a habitable environment. IPCC has many
people working in the organization. The ideas fostered at the very end are the minds of many
people, who have vast knowledge about the environment. The award could be awarded to the
organization as a whole, but would not represent the interests of the whole society. It could be
bias in line with the efforts put in by individuals, such as Gore (Fuller, 25).
The sharing of the award also shows the collective effort that all developments should
cherish. Environmental conservation is not a task for environmental organizations, but the whole
society. People should not leave issues dealing with environmental protection and conservation
to environmental bodies. They should be actively involved in all realms, advocating for a safer
Humility and dedication to the environment, as exhibited by both the IPCC and Gore,
represent what the whole world should be doing. Global warming is an issue that has stemmed
routes in the whole society. Nations suffer from the effects of global warming. It should be a cry
that all people feel the need to counter the given environmental hazard.

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