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Running head: EDUCATION REFORMS 1 Education Reforms Name Date Institution EDUCATION REFORMS 2 1. The Impact of Widened Participation Most countries have made efforts in widening participation of its people in all the sectors their economies and institutions. They have invested in a number of outreach programs to enable then get accessed to the relevant groups of people. The experts have on the other hand increased their research on the usefulness of such activities to the general citizenry. Some of the world’s greatest ideas have been birthed through the cooperation of individuals. It is therefore difficult to ignore the role of participative leadership in effective governance. Owing to the democratic nature of most states, it is only fair that the country’s management structure reflects the true tenets of a democratic government. Such cannot be achieved if the people are not involved in the social and economic affairs. From the social perspective, widening participation creates a sense of harmony among the citizens. A people who feel involved in the decision-making process are less likely to turn violent than their counterparts who feel sidelined. Social justice will easily be achieved as people will have a chance to suggest appropriate social amenities to be erected in particular areas. Social justice refers to the fair allocation of wealth and privileges in the society. Participation enables people to suggest possible areas of improvements. With this, they will h ...
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